Six Sunday #14

Welcome to my serialized short, Escape. If you’ve missed the story up until now, go ahead and catch up at the compilation page here. Escape is set in the same world as my latest release, Trust in Me.

She didn’t recognize the men or the vehicle but that didn’t mean anything at all. It would take them only minutes to realize she wasn’t in the warehouse and then they would look outside.

Tiffany turned and crashed through the brush. Branches whipped at her legs and grabbed at her hair but she tore through them like the hunted animal she was. Footsteps pounded behind her, giving her a last burst of speed.

“Wait! Stop,” a voice called, but she would rather die.

Thanks for playing! Be sure to visit the other sixers here.


Six Sunday #14 — 14 Comments

  1. I’m loving Escape!
    The tension is great (as are this weeks six). I want to know who’s running after her because I agree… bad guys usually aren’t polite when trying to catch you. It’s the word ‘wait’ that makes me curious.

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