Martial arts champion Abe Montgomery is dead-set on winning gold at Nationals.

Paris Rivera has sworn off men and martial arts.

When these two meet, the chemistry is explosive…

Abe may dominate on the mats, but he’s fallen hard for Paris. The fight of his life looms ahead, not only for his dreams but for the sexy woman he soon can’t live without.


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Praise for Below the Belt

“This book is sweet and spicy! Romance written in a realistic way. No fairy tale endings. No promises that can’t be kept. Just straight up emotion and honesty.” – Have You Heard Book Reviews

“I really liked Abe’s character the best. He’s the kind of guy who comes from the gutter and is out to prove something. His drive, his determination, and his oral pleasure skills (we’ll get to that later) made him extremely likeable as a hero.” – The Romance Writer’s Reads

“Overall this was a fabulous book. It was interesting to enter the world of martial arts (which I know NOTHING about.) The book is short, but it read like a much longer book. And it was HOT!” – Smitten with Reading

“Abe is, sweet, charming, compassionate, and oh so sexy!! (Purrr) Paris is so cute, and caring, and sassy, I enjoyed her a lot as well.” – Rhonda, Goodreads reviewer

“Skye Warren did an absolutely magnificent job in developing her characters and in pulling the readers into the drama taking place in their lives. And Paris, what an absolutely dynamite heroine.” – Rage, Sex and Teddy Bears

Excerpt from Below the Belt

She reached down and cupped his erection through his pants. He drew in a sharp breath. He loved that she’d come out of her shell, but if she touched him now it was over.

He pushed her hand away. “No, not yet. Let me take care of you.”

To prove his point, he ran his hand to the bottom of her dress, then up, tracing his fingertips along her bare leg. He groaned when he reached the thin wet strip of her panties – a thong. Pulling the fabric aside, he ran his fingers through her intimate folds. She bucked and gasped as if he’d shocked her. But he felt the shock in his fingertips, and his cock.

He ran his thumb through her dampness until he found her clit, fondling her without the finesse he had learned so carefully. This whole thing was moving too quickly, almost outside his control, and he was only grateful that she seemed to be keeping up.

He shoved his fingers inside her like he wanted to do with his cock. Pressing against her clit with his thumb, he tacitly asked her to come. His hands were too rough. He was acting like a big, clumsy idiot, but she bucked up against his hand, seeking more. She panted, tightening her body. Then she came. She tightened around him, but he was watching her face in awe, as wetness covered his fingers.

When the last of the aftershocks had rocked her body, he withdrew his fingers, then pulled her in close and held her to him. He breathed in the fresh, feminine scent of her, holding back his own release to allow her time to recover. Despite his throbbing arousal, Abe found pleasure in just holding her.

“Who are you, really?” she whispered.

“I’m no one,” he murmured, his face buried in her silky soft hair. “No one special.” It was the truth. He’d grown up too poor and too stupid to be anyone. No matter how hard he fought, he was just another loser from Podunk, Nowhere.

“Oh yeah? A two time national medalist and forerunner on the USA Taekwondo team is nobody?”

Abe lifted his head.

“Yeah, I recognized you,” Paris said.

She didn’t understand. It wouldn’t be enough. Not any of it, not ever. His throat tight, he gave a short shake of his head.

“Oh, Abe,” she said. God, what was that look in her eyes? He wanted to look away from it, but he couldn’t. “You’re someone special. I see it.”

The line wouldn’t come – the one that would make this whole conversation a joke, instead of the truth. He always laughed it off, or fought it off, no matter what came.

Not this time.

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