The novella SECRET is no longer available for purchase, but you can find it inside WILD DIRTY SECRET, which contains three complete and original stories in one long bundle.

Shelly is determined to escape her wild past, even if that means starting over.

No one can stand in her way, not even the man with knowing green eyes and a seductive smile. Luke is part of the life she wants to leave behind. He’s a cop, which means he knows about her dirty ties to the criminal underground. And he wants her help to bring them down.

When Shelly saves a young girl in a desperate situation, one so much like her own history, there’s only one person she trusts.

Luke faces the darkest threats to protect them, but it’s his secrets that might bring them all down.

WILD DIRTY SECRET is a 95,000 word novel of seductive and dangerous romance. It can be read as a STANDALONE and ends with a happily ever after.

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