Cover Reveal: Sweetest Mistress

Hope your New Year’s has been great so far! I have a new cover for Sweetest Mistress, my free femdom novella!

There’s also a new excerpt:

My throat was incredibly dry – that was the only reason it took me a minute to squeeze any words out. Hearing her even say the words sex line over the phone was incredibly erotic. Thinking of what she offered – damn, I squeezed down hard on my cock. The pain was enough to distract me from coming.

“Yes,” I said, my voice coming out raspy. “Please.”

“Okay,” she said, already sounding stronger, more self-assured. “Where are you? Describe it to me.”

“I’m in my office. I’m alone, but my secretary is just outside. The door is closed. I can see her working through the window.”

“Good,” she said. “And have you ever jerked off in your office before?”

“Yes. A few times.”

“With your secretary there?” She sounded amused, which only turned me on more.

“Usually when she’d gone home.” My hand made its way back to the front of my pants. “Once when she was still there.”

“You weren’t worried you’d get caught?”

“Yeah.” I rubbed harder on my crotch, my nostrils flaring with the effort it took to restrain myself, to not unzip myself and release. “I was worried.”

“So you were bad,” she said. “And you want to be punished.”

“I do,” I whispered, staring at the back of my secretary’s head. Her hair was done up in a bun, mostly brown with strands of grey. She was attractive enough, though I’d never been tempted. That wasn’t the point. It was the taboo. The badness of it.

“You’re doing it even now, aren’t you?” A soft laugh. “You can’t help yourself.”

“Let me take it out,” I said.

“I don’t know,” she mused. “You don’t really need it out to be punished.”

“Please,” I whispered, grasping my cock through the pants. Trying to stroke, failing.

“I could make you come in your pants. You’d be sticky all over. Then I’d tell you to go to the bathroom. You’d walk right by her with a wet stain on your pants. What do you think?”

Desperate, I bucked into my hand. Thrusting just for the pressure since I couldn’t get a handle on myself. “Ah, God. Please, Melissa. I’ll do anything.”

“Will you?” she asked, delighted. “Then say you’re my pet.”

I panted, my eyes glazing over. I was close, so close, and if she didn’t let me out soon, I would come in my pants. Just thinking about it, the humiliation of it, almost made me come. “I’m your pet,” I gasped out.

“Okay,” she sing-songed. “Go ahead and take it out, you dirty boy.”

My hands flew to my crotch, unzipping the already damp fabric, and got out my cock. My fingers scrabbled at the phone as the other hand stroked my cock frantically. I fell off my chair and onto my knees. The chair rolled into the wall behind me, and my forehead thumped against the desk, but I didn’t care. I couldn’t think. I was coming hard as she spouted dirty words into my ear.

It’s take awhile for the new cover and excerpt to propogate to all the publishers, but I’m loving it. Tomorrow is the New Year Blog Hop and Giveaway, where you can win some serious prize-y things just for commenting. Oh, and watch out for Trust In Me to release later this month. Busy, busy bees 😉