New Years Blog Hop & Prizes!

Welcome to the New Year Blog Hop, Skye Warren Edition!

My favorite New Year’s memory is of my dog, Munchy.

She was a scared old thing when my now-husband-then-boyfriend first saw her at a pound. She had a sign on her crate saying to please take her out for walks, since she was potty-trained and wouldn’t go otherwise. So we took her out and fell in love with her, despite the fact that she was skittish and quirky and that’s putting it nicely. She stayed with us many years, and was very well loved, as well as loved us back quite fiercely.

That New Year’s was the first one we had with her. We’d gone out to the lake behind our apartments to watch some fireworks some of the other residents were setting off. At the very first boom, she bolted from our sides and ran straight back to our apartment door, whining and scratching to go back inside. Smart girl.

Munchy passed away a few years back. I miss her and love her still, but I’m grateful for the time that we had with her, that I was able to get her a big yard, and that she could meet my son before she passed.

So, that was a bittersweet memory, but to make it up to you, I have prizes! A copy of Below The Belt, my sexy martial arts romance, and a $15 Amazon Gift Certificate go to one lucky commenter. Go ahead and spill your fondest New Year’s memory, or maybe just a mention of a beloved pet of your own. Plus, you’ll be entered to win the Blog Hop grand prize, a Kindle Fire or an $80 gift certificate.

And if you don’t win, go ahead and pick up Beauty Touched the Beast, my short erotic story, or Sweetest Mistress, my free femdom novella.