A Little “Below the Belt” Love

I was on Jenna Jaxon’s Journal this week, talking about when an alpha hero submits. Check it out for a few of my ideas for service and an exclusive, steamy excerpt.

I’m visiting a few more places for my mini-blog-tour next week, so stay tuned for more exclusive content, behind-the-scenes looks and an interview.

Below the Belt was reviewed by Rage, Sex and Teddy Bears:

Skye Warren did an absolutely magnificent job in developing her characters and in pulling the readers into the drama taking place in their lives. And Paris, what an absolutely dynamite heroine. When she finds out about the “Bet” does she slink away, cry or cling. Um….. no. She gathers her tattered dignity and gives a very dignified exit. Then he gets to chase her and do a little groveling. You know I just luuuurve a good groveling.

Oh, I do, too. Nothing beats a good grovel, except maybe what comes after 😉

Thanks to all who participated in the Shameless Giveaway Bloghop! The main chained to the floor is relieved to be excused for the day, but he appreciated all your ogles. As for prizes, Jolene A was the winner of the femdom book of her choice. I’ll also be sending a copy of Below the Belt to IdentitySeeker, Mara J. Brandon, and Barbara. Thanks again!