Six Sentence Sunday #3

I’m so excited to start sharing excerpts from Trust In Me, which comes out on February 14th. Yes, that’s a Valentine’s Day release for the dark and disturbing erotica loving set 😉

In this opening scene, we’re introduced to our heroine, Mia, and her longtime master, Carlos. No explicit content this time, but still dark subject matter, so carry on at your own risk…

Carlos looked down at me with a half-smile. The guy next to him was speaking in low, urgent tones, but I knew I had his attention.

Other whores might try coy smiles or a flash of cleavage, but if you really knew El Jefe—and, unfortunately, I did—then you knew all you had to do was drop to his feet. I knew what he wanted and how he liked it, knowledge born of years of training. As long as I behaved, he wouldn’t kill me. I craved the release of death, but I was too well trained to earn it.

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