First Chapter of Trust in Me

A quick note: Keep Me Safe has broken into the top #50 books on Amazon in Erotica! I am so psyched about that! What does a good ranking mean? Hell, I’m not sure, but I take whatever change for celebration I get =)

Its sequel, Trust in Me, is out in T minus 6 days. Just a reminder that I have the book trailer up, an excerpt and reader comments up over at the book page.

And I’ve also put up the first chapter for your reading pleasure. I highly recommend reading it before you buy it! Some readers ask me about dark erotica and I try to help, but nothing will make it more clear than trying it out for yourself.

Read the First Chapter of Trust in Me

I will also be starting up a blog tour come next week so stay tuned for links to those spots where I will be sharing lots of stuff about the making of the book and offering giveaways.

Thanks all!