Six Sentence Sunday #5

(By the way, Trust in Me is out! Officially!)

So, the past two weeks we were introduced to our heroine, Mia, and her sadistic, crime lord lover. Today Carlos shares her with a man. Nothing out of the ordinary there, until she looks up into the face of her childhood crush.

Those blue eyes widened as he looked at me, mirroring my own shock. His lips formed my name, Mia, but thank God, no sound emerged. I couldn’t believe he recognized me. It had been—what?—ten years. I couldn’t believe he even remembered me.

I must look different, all grown up. And—oh God—I’d just sucked a guy off in front of him.

Oh yes, I totally see an HEA in these pair’s future. What – it’s just me? And this is why I write dark erotica 😉 Be sure to visit the other sixers here.