Not your mother’s kink shaming

In the old days, kink shaming was simple. Any woman who read, thought about, or was associated with kink was a dirty slut who should be shunned, or worse. Now, with the proliferation of BDSM romance, that’s not the case. No, at least in the online reader/writer community, it’s cool to be a sub…. but only in bed. And with very hard, very strict limits that never include real pain. And if you mouth of regularly to your Dom/boyfriend, just to show him who’s really in charge. And if you have a kick-ass career that you would never consider giving up for your man.

Because if you do any of that, then you’re one of those women, those slutty, abused women with daddy issues who clearly needs a therapist. That’s all kink shaming, folks. It’s great that we’ve come this far, but we have a long road to walk.