On being submissive

If you like a man (or two) to blindfold you or tie you up so that that they can worship your body for hours with their hands and mouth, that does not mean you are a submissive. You are what’s known as a woman. Seriously, there are plenty of vanilla women who would line up for that treatment.

If you like your partner to be strong and caring and protective, but never intrude upon your independence, then that does not make you a submissive. It just means you’re a human.

In my reading circles, BDSM has been the “in” trend for a LONG time. However, I realize it’s only now gaining some mainstream recognition. But some of the depictions really make me sigh. Actually it’s not even 50 Shades that I’m referring to, but others.

I don’t care if you’re vanilla or kinky. Own it.

But if you try to tell me that being submissive means having a man give you everything you want and nothing you don’t want, I’m going to roll my eyes. Even in a fantasy, like BDSM romance, that is a step too far.