Six Sunday #8

Hello there! This is a continuation of the story Escape, which started here. I am contemplating six-sundaying the entire story start to finish (as it’s a short one), but we’ll see how far I get. Has this been done before? I do like to try new things.

And yes, I used “six-sunday” as a verb. Call me a pioneer! Somebody, anybody? Okay, here we go:

Safety had become a foreign concept exactly four weeks and three days ago. The cab she’d taken from the airport in Cabo had driven her, not to her hotel, but to a warehouse. From that moment, her life had been over, but the pain never stopped.

After the four agonizing months of training, her captors were moving her and the other women. For two weeks she’d scraped and dug into the crumbly rock behind the metal toilet. It would never lead outside, but the hole was big enough for her to crawl into, and that’s what she’d done as the men swept through the cells.

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