Interview with Mia and Cover Reveal


I’m on Jennifer Lowery’s blog today for a character interview with Mia from Trust in Me. Jennifer and I have been writing buddies for a while, and she was one of the beta readers for Trust in Me.

The interview is set after the end of the book, but no spoilers, so I think you will find it interesting whether you have read it or not. I’ll be honest – I got a little emotional writing that one. I am quite fond of that girl. See what Mia has to say >


Leashed is an M/M dystopian novella, written for the GoodReads M/M Group’s Love is Always Write Event.

Drake is a hardened soldier whose mission is to interrogate a captive using whatever means necessary. Neither fighting nor mouthing off will get Sebastian free, but as he learns more about the man underneath the uniform, he wonders if he really wants to be.

The story is slated to run mid-May through July exclusively to the group, after which it will be available in an anthology through the group or via my website. Subscribe to my blog to get notified when it’s out.