Leashed Is Up

My M/M story Leashed is up on the Goodreads group! I’ve got an excerpt below, but be sure to click over to read the whole thing. You’ll have to join the group first, but they’ve got a ton of great stories for free as part of their Love Is Always Right event, so it’s a great time to join.


“What is your name, boy?” The rich words rolled over Sebastian like a caress, but he knew that was a lie.

His mind would not break. Whatever they did, they did to his body. He said nothing.

Long, cultured fingers toyed with the torn hem of his shirt. The old, dirty fabric looked particularly dingy between the thick fingers that were obviously well-groomed. This man had access to water. He had soap. All Sebastian had ever had was a brown river in which all manner of organic and inorganic material floated.

“Sebastian.” The man’s breath blew across the top of his downturned head. Of course it had been a trick. The Ke’lan already knew his name. They knew everything about him. Maybe they even knew that he had no information to give and were just toying with him, although he doubted they’d waste their time that way.

“Sebastian,” he repeated softly, his deep baritone almost melodious, as if the syllables rolled from his tongue. “I am not your enemy. I want to help you.”

Sebastian watched the manicured finger dip under the gaping neckline and touch his bruised ribs, soft enough not to hurt them.

“You’ve been hurt. Come, let me help. Tell me what we need to know, and I’ll take you down from there.”

His shoulders shook, as if the mere thought of release prompted them to hope. Sebastian tried to block out the man’s words, knowing them to be false. He had nothing to tell, and even if he did, they would only kill him after. Freedom was a mirage.

That finger skimmed over his chest, so lightly it really shouldn’t have sent sparks of heat into his body, then higher up his neck. They rested at his pulse, like a warning. His veins bulged against even that tiny bit of pressure. Animalistic panic clawed at his insides, ratcheting his heartbeat faster and giving himself away.

The pointed touch turned into a caress that slipped along his jaw, and soft pressure tilted his head up. Sebastian forced himself not to betray his surprise as he looked up into the face of the most intimidating man he’d ever seen.

He’d expected a ruddy-faced ogre with jowls, spouting threats of pain. Instead this man had icy blue eyes, an aristocratic nose, and lips that Sebastian could only call sensual. Unlike the Generals with pasty skin and dandy hair, this man was darkly tanned with the shaved head favored by soldiers in the field.

A warrior.