Sweetest Mistress – New and Improved and LONGER

Sweetest Mistress is my little BDSM novella that somehow does well enough with reviewers but not so great with sales. This has led me to make some changes to the blurb and the cover. In addition, I wrote a 5K continuation.

So the original story was around 16K which I find is an awkward length to price so I left it at $0.99 all this time. And many reviewers loved it but wanted more, so now with the Part II added the novella is 21K words. I’m also thinking about giving away the 5K continuation (which also stands alone) on my website as a freebie and/or incentive to sign up for my newsletter. Thoughts?

Women wouldn’t be interested in his kinky fantasies, but Wyle doesn’t want to be alone. And though Melissa is too beautiful for him, and too young, she doesn’t seem to mind that he’s a boring financial professional past his prime. Instead she invites him in for a cup of coffee that turns into more.

In a weak moment of honesty, Wyle divulges his deepest desires. He doesn’t want to possess Melissa, he wants to worship her. Together they explore with a hot spanking, scorching phone sex call, and a humiliating anal play session, but the true test of his limits comes in a form neither of them expect.

I’m planning on upping the price to $1.99 soon, so if you may want to consider loading it onto your Kindle and saving a buck. I’d just do the price change now but the book is participating in a group sale, Book Lovers Buffet where all the books are $0.99 until June 22nd. It’s got some great erotica picks, like these:

Speaking of group sales, I have a post up on Dirty Birdies: Megapost of Cheap and Free Author Marketing. It’s long – LONG! – and I’ve actually tried everything in there, so if you’re an author, you may want to take a look. In it, I discuss the Book Lovers group sale and lots of other ideas, including my upcoming Hot Summer Nights Bloghop.

Regarding the bloghop, if you’re already signed up, you should have recieved the email with instructions and already have your post ready to go. If you’re interested in joining the hop, we can fit you in just under the wire, but hurry and sign up right now!

Thanks all!