Announcing the Naughty New Years Bloghop

Earlier this year, I ran my first bloghop.

Previously, I had participated in hops and they brought in great traffic. But although they had a other authors of erotic romance and erotica, I personally found the mix of genres jarring. I had to wonder, how many of these people were actually potential readers of my books? For one of my giveaways, I asked a question about the last erotica/dark erotica book they had read, and honestly, most of them weren’t erotic at all, but standard romance fare. Nothing wrong with that, but I wanted to target my potential readers better.

I searched for a hop specifically for erotic/kinky books, and when I didn’t find one I made my own. The Hot Summer Nights blog hop had over 100 erotic authors and kinky blogs participating and we received over 6000 comments across the hop!

That was awesome, and then the question became, can we do it again – BUT BIGGER? Because that is how I roll.

….announcing the Naughty New Years Bloghop! Our grand prizes are a $100 gift card to the fun and classy online sex shop EdenFantasys AND a digital gift basket of 10 new release erotic books. In addition, each host will provide a giveaway of their own, books, gift cards, etc.

The really cool thing is that up until now I had only invited the folks who had participated last year, and already we have 94 hops!!! That’s crazy-wonderful! And I’m hoping that YOU will join us and we’ll have even more folks! Why? Because size matters when it comes to bloghops, folks. The more hosts we have, and the more we all promote the event, the more readers we get! I know all those lovely readers are going to be armed with new e-readers and gift cards after the holidays, so I’m really excited to give my fellow erotica authors an opportunity to showcase their latest releases.

If you’re new to bloghops or just need more information, check out the hop page here. Or if you’re ready to party, sign up below: