A New Proposal

Hi, awesome writers!

You’re receiving this email because you signed up for the Unofficial Six Sentence Sunday. I apologize for not contacting you sooner, but I’ve been thinking about this a lot. My concern was that the old format for Six Sentence Sunday was not a sustainable pace. Many participating authors jumped in and out each week, and from a moderation standpoint, the old SSS had six moderators and still said it was overwhelming. I didn’t want to start something that would be doomed to fail or blindly choose a format because it’s what was done before. I also talked with several authors to figure out what might work better.

I have a proposal that I hope you’ll try out with me, which I’ve nicknamed Write Club. I’d like to share excerpts once a month instead of weekly. You all may still share them on your blog every week, of course, and even swap comments with authors you already know. But we’ll all connect via the link list once a month, and that will allow new folks to join in. So that would be on the first Sunday of each month (which is also today). Then on the third Sunday of each month, we’d have a topic post, sharing our inspiration for our writing, our settings, etc.

That definitely changes the dynamic, I realize, and some people may drop off because of that. But the benefits might be richer. We would still be showcasing our books, maybe make some sales. We would be building community among writers, all while generating content for our blogs. It may not work out, of course, but it might, and if it seems like something you might be interested in, I hope you’ll give it a try. I have the signup for next month’s 6-sentence excerpt post below.

If you would prefer to stay strictly with the old format, you can check out the following alternatives (hat tip to Sarah Ballance):

But I do hope you’ll stick around and see how this new format pans out. I would love to find a sustainable solution that provides all the great benefits, the community that we don’t want to give up. Thank you!