Wanderlust is released!

Yay, Wanderlust is officially released! I was later with this than I’d hoped to be, so I am very grateful to readers who stuck around while I got my butt in gear.

So, let’s see. Compared to my “Dark Erotica” series, this is more of a character study and has less of a thriller aspect. I also think it’s a bit sexier… there’s more room to do that without suspense antics, I think. So hopefully that can help you decide whether this is right for you. It’s still very dark though.

Dark erotica is a tricky beast in terms of marketing, because it has inflammatory subject matter and because it’s still such a small niche (though a few dedicated bloggers are AMAZING).

As of right now, I’ve decided against a blog tour for this book because I figured Wanderlust is too “out there” for mainstream blogs even with warnings. And it’s really *not* a romance, even though there is crossover readership. At this point, I want to see if I can reach critical mass of my previous releases through word of mouth. We’ll see how that works out.

On that note, here’s what reviewers have had to say about it so far:

It was emotionally harrowing yet had bursts of humour, so extremely dark and disturbing yet sensual.” – TotallyBooked Blog

I loved the story; I loved that it made me feel, that it turned me on, turned me off, made me pause and think, twisted my stomach into knots, and, at times, believe it or not gave me some warm fuzzies that were well balanced by the realism of the protagonists’ struggles and my empathy for them.” – Haydee’s Reviews

I love how Ms. Warren is able to make the angst of these two people so real…downright heartbreaking.” – Salacious Reads

Reading this book, I had similar feelings to how I felt when I read Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas. I loved this dysfunctional couple and couldn’t get enough of them.” – Reader’s Confession

I would say this was dark and disturbing…..and it kind of was but for me, when it counts, it’s a seriously sweet emotional book.” – Dark Reading Room

I’m so thrilled at the early reception! I know how fucked up Hunter is, so to see people say they wanted to hate him but couldn’t is pretty much… heartwarming 😀 He’s definitely my scariest guy yet (although that will change with the release of Don’t Let Go).

You can read Wanderlust from the following places:

Edit: Someone raised an objection to my content warning. I see how I was overstepping my bounds (previously read “Please do not read if you’re uncomfortable with the subject matter”). I’m sorry to those I offended. I’m changing that line to “Not intended for those uncomfortable with the subject matter or those under eighteen years of age.” Hopefully that works better, since it’s more about me and not what others should do. It will probably take a few days to get it done everywhere.