Updates, or Where the Heck is My Release?

Hi all,

So I’ve been getting a few questions about the last Beauty installment, which is totally fair. I had two release dates floating around, the 8th and the 15th (today) and now I’ll miss both of them. I’m so sorry about that! First my kid got sick and then I caught it–nothing serious, but I wasn’t even upright enough to finish edits. Now I’ve lost my voice, but at least I’m sitting at my computer and ready to work. I’m going to work like crazy to get the edits completed, get it proofread and formatted, and upload it as soon as humanly possible. Or by this weekend, ideally, though some of it depends on how prettily I can beg my proofreader to help me quickly. I’m aiming for a week, and I’m so, so sorry about the delay.

As a consolation prize, I do have a new, free story out with the M/M Romance group as part of their Love Has No Boundaries event. You can read CAGED in the Goodreads group here or download the files to read it here. It’s dirty, sexy, dystopian romance, so hopefully it can tide you over for a week until BEAUTY BECOMES YOU comes out.

And again, I’m so sorry! Getting sick kicked my butt, but it wouldn’t have affected the release if I hadn’t already been running behind. I usually have my releases formatted and polished and ready for upload a week or two in advance of the release date, but that didn’t happen here. I am going to work my ass off to the final Beauty installment out ASAP and also to plan more padding in future releases so this won’t happen again.