New preorder: LOVING THE BEAST

I have a new preorder available! Want more Erin and Blake? LOVING THE BEAST is a Beauty epilogue, a sexy and sweet and emotional novella to cap off the series…

LovingTheBeast-SkyeWarren-500x750Since their forbidden beginning, Erin and Blake’s relationship has been marked by deep sensuality and intense emotion. Each challenge only makes them stronger, and Blake is ready to take his new fiance to meet his family. And to meet hers.

Home holds secrets for them both. A dark legacy threatens everything they’ve worked to build. When old debt comes between them, both Blake and Erin must fight to protect each other–and their love.

You can order your copy for April 28th on Amazon.

If you haven’t read the Beauty series yet, you can start free with Beauty Touched the Beast.

And before that comes out, I’ll be releasing my new dark book! LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE does not have a pre-order, but it will release on March 12th.

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– Skye