Exclusive bonus story for Deep!

Thank you so much for helping to put Deep on the USA Today list… twice!

That’s a huge accomplishment and it was only possible because you read, reviewed, and shared Philip’s book!

To show my gratitude, I’ve written a bonus story with Philip and Ella, exclusive to newsletter subscribers, and absolutely free! I hope you love this emotional piece.

“Skye Warren’s books always have me teetering on the edge between shock and bliss. This time, the edge has a name. Philip. Dark, toxic, overpoweringly sensual Philip.” – Babel Literaria

“Possessive. Protective. Territorial. Philip Murphy is exactly what I want in an alpha-male!” – Lynda Chance, New York Times bestselling author

“Intriguing, raw and captivating through the end, this book sizzles with intensity and achingly real characters. Do not miss this!” – Lina’s Reviews, A Book Blog

“Deep is an incredibly erotic, emotionally captivating story that left me craving for more. Skye Warren consistently delivers raw, powerful, and seductive writing that grabs ahold of the reader with full force and doesn’t let go.” – Sammy, Just Let Me Read

Deeper really should be read after Deep, so do that first.

And now, find out what happens after the end…