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Don't Let Go“Don’t Let Go by Skye Warren has blown me away. Skye’s ability to make me feel like I am part of this dramatic, dark, and twisted story is so fucking fantastic I can only sit here and beg for more.” – Fictional Candy

Junior FBI Agent Samantha Holmes is assigned the case of a lifetime–and an enigmatic new partner, Ian Hennessy.

She’s determined to prove herself to the bureau legend, but late nights and stolen moments lead to more than respect. They lead to desire, and soon she’s fallen for the one man forbidden.

Together they hunt for the FBI’s most wanted man. A criminal.

A psychopath.

But when they get close, Samantha may end up prey instead. She must face her dark past to stay alive–and to protect the man she loves.

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 Praise for Don’t Let Go

“Perfectly dark, gritty, emotionally, fulfilling, amount in each word till the end.” – Amber’s Reading Room

“My mind is completely blown! Who knew I could feel this way about Carlos? I love this author even more for what she was able to accomplish.” – Sweet Spot Book Blog

“Skye Warren, I hope you can hear me loud and clear when I say: “BRAVO!” Thanks for your wonderful dark erotica series, I’ll never forget the whole twisted, thrilling and intense story and its amazing characters.” – Darkest Sins

“But in a year when I’ve been fortunate enough to have read so many 5 star books, you should know that DON’T LET GO has immediately vaulted to the top of my list for 2013, and it will be a difficult task to dislodge it from that spot.” – Seductive Musings

“I had been following the series and when I read on the authors site she would make Carlos a hero in the next book I thought no way. That I would just hate the book and he deserved nothing even close to a happy ending. But Skye Warren totally got me. This book was dark and twisted and so romantic. In that dark and twisty way.” – A. Wall, Amazon Reviewer

“Don’t Let Go by Skye Warren has blown me away. Skye’s ability to make me feel like I am part of this dramatic, dark, and twisted story is so fucking fantastic I can only sit here and beg for more.” – Fictional Candy

“It doesn’t happen often, but this book turned me inside out. If you’re a fan of Criminal Minds, you might enjoy this, dark erotic twist and all.” – Ms Romantic Reads

“What took me so long to pick up one of her books!?! Well shit I don’t even have a good excuse but I sure the hell am glad I read this one. 😀 This author knows how to write Dark Erotica and she does not shy away at all from writing a severely fucking twisted story line.” – Books Unhinged

“Don’t Let Go is a riveting dark erotic story that takes the reader on one hell of a thrilling and emotional roller coaster ride. Author Skye Warren weaves a complex, deep, and haunting tale that has a raw and gritty mixture of violence and moving tenderness.” – Jersey Girl Sizzling Book Reviews

“I was so freaking surprised and did not expect a few things. I just kept thinking this is warped but damn I love it.” – Mommy’s a Book Whore

“The chemistry between these two burns hot. The heat they create is utterly, darkly seductive. Combined with the emotions behind it, watching these two souls, broken beyond repair, find an unusual solace in each other… enthralling. Erotic. Breathtaking.” – Romantic Book Affairs

Excerpt from Don’t Let Go

There were lies people told you. Like when the case worker said, You’re going to love your new home, Samantha.

Then there are lies you tell other people. My father passed away. That was what I told people, even though he’d just turned fifty-two in a supermax prison. It was easier that way. Lies smoothed the way so we could go on pretending. They were the lube of life, and we all got a little messy in the process.

But the darkest lies were the ones you told yourself. They lurked in the shadows of your subconscious, undermining you and twisting your perceptions. They hid the answers in plain sight, right when you needed them most.

Spread out on my desk were piles of surveillance photos and notes taken over the past twelve months. I found it impossible to imagine that countless field workers and researchers had managed to miss his completely. Which meant this muddled collection of reports contained the information we needed. Hiding in plain sight.

Every image, from airport security cameras to public transportation cams to satellite imagery, showed a man with his head bent, facing down or away. As if he knew exactly where the cameras were, eluding us once again. The man looking the other direction, he could have been anyone. He probably was anyone, considering the pattern of times and locations didn’t add up. Carlos Laguardia wasn’t in a Chicago eatery known for mob connections one day, and then a Paris subway the next, and then a Florida University after that. We were grasping at straws—carefully planted straws designed to misdirect.

Only one image was different. A grainy black-and-white photograph showed a man standing still with people milling about him. Blurs brushing past a dangerous criminal. A monster. They’d run screaming if they knew all the things he’d done. I had chills just reading about it in this air-conditioned cubicle at the highly-secure FBI office.

Money laundering. Extortion. Murder. If there was a law against it, he’d done it. A wave of old pain washed over me. Men like that didn’t care who they hurt, whether it was the victims of their crimes or collateral damage.

I had been collateral damage once. Twelve years ago, I’d huddled under the coffee table when my father came home late, hands crusted with blood. I should have been grateful he hadn’t ever touched me, raped me, killed me. He did that to other little girls. And boys—he was an equal opportunity creep.

Until he finally made a mistake. A boy from my street had disappeared, and even at ten years old, I knew what it meant. I still remembered the heat of that August day and the cold bite of the chair beneath my legs. Static from the plastic seat zapped my skin while I waited in the police station. Horror and pity flickered over the policeman’s face as I told him my story.

I learned an important lesson then: criminals always make a mistake. Always.

If I could figure out Laguardia’s mistake, I’d have him. If I could find the little man with blue pants and a red striped shirt in this real life Where’s Waldo, he’d be mine.

The Dark Nights Series

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