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When Rachel is abducted by a group of thugs, one man steps in. Zachary wants her for himself, and she has no choice but to trust this stranger to keep her safe. When danger strikes again, Rachel’s body may endure the pain, but will their tenuous bond survive the abuse?




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 Praise for Keep Me Safe

“KEEP ME SAFE is a very intense, well-written story. Told from the first person POV of Rachel, this novella is a disturbing and graphic account of her abduction and rape by gang members. Rachel is deeply conflicted because she’s aroused when the man who claims her first, Zachary, uses her. I thought that their first scene together was ‘dubious consent’ perfection. Very hot. But, just when I think I’ve got it figured out, the story takes an even darker and twisted path. Ms. Warren does not play it safe in her writing and has no remorse about it!” – The Forbidden Bookshelf

“This is a very dark, gritty, violent, and emotional story that is conveyed in an unapologetically raw, candid voice.” – Shawna, Goodreads reviewer

“This is erotic fiction for a very specific reader who likes a darker story, a story that takes you to those disturbing places in your mind where emotional discomfort lingers.” – S. Richards, Amazon reviewer

“I categorized this as romantic suspense but it’s really horror. Zachary and Rachel find some kind of love through all of this but what a horrible journey. Very good, disturbing book.” – Carolyn F, Goodreads reviewer

“I couldn’t help but put everything I was working on aside and read all 125 amazing pages of it. It’s dark, gritty, disturbing, and amazingly fantastic!” – Day Dreaming

“It’s well written, and I was riveted from the very first line until the very end and read it in one sitting. There is plenty of heat along with mystery and suspense.” – Romance in Review

Excerpt from Keep Me Safe

So that was how I got here. A tray of cold beer bottles and a football game on television had somehow led to me in some kind of warehouse—on my back, legs spread wide with a man about to hurt me. About to use me.

At least now I knew his name. They called him Zachary, the man with the green eyes.

He was beautiful. My first thought when I saw him there was that he didn’t belong, but he did. He dressed like them in grungy but expensive jeans and a leather jacket. He looked like them with unkempt hair and a bad boy goatee. He talked like them, gruff and coarse and lewd, except when he spoke to me and no one else could hear.

“You have…you have done this before, right?” he asked, pushing two fingers inside me.

“Been hurt?” I asked, and his hand paused a beat before thrusting in again.

“Had sex,” he said in a low tone.

“Yes to both.” I hadn’t been kidding about the shitty neighborhood, and I’d been defenseless for too long. Something he knew. Something he’d taken advantage of, along with his friends. I didn’t know if he’d been the one to clap his heavy hand across my mouth until I passed out, but it didn’t really matter, did it?

He shut his eyes and bowed his head. “I’m sorry,” he said hoarsely.

His thumb found my clit and circled. A twinge of pleasure shot through my body.

“Don’t,” I said. “Don’t make me enjoy this.”

He stilled for a moment, looking at me. His eyes were dark and unfathomable. For someone getting what he wanted, he didn’t look happy about it.

“Okay,” he said. “I’m going to make you ready.”

He continued fucking me with his fingers, loosening my body and drawing out the wetness, but he didn’t touch my clit again. I knew it would help me, make this hurt less, but I almost wanted the pain. That was what a girl wants when she’s being forced into this. It was only right.

“Hurry up and fuck her,” one of the other men called from across the room. My breath quickened.

“I won’t let them hurt you,” he told me, quietly enough that they couldn’t hear.

“No?” I didn’t believe him. “But you’ll do this.”

“Yes,” he said grimly.

The Dark Nights Series

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