A Sextionary Christmas List

Welcome to erotica author Elise Hepner! She’s got a brand spanking new release that looks sexy as hell. To celebrate, here’s a Christmas wishlist from hero and heroine Jasper and Jill:

If Jill could have anything on her Christmas list it would be:

  1. Scented Strawberry Candles
  2. Sparkly Hair ties
  3. A gift card to the used bookstore down the street with the quaint coffee shop that serves beverages in chipped, tiny teacups
  4. Insoles for her shoes when she works at the bakery
  5. Her pick of Vicky’s lingerie and comfy, plush pj’s
  6. A Doxie puppy
  7. A year long bus pass
  8. Money for a “Spicing Up Your Sex Life” workshop at the local Spice Shack

If Jasper could have anything on his Christmas list it would be:

  1. A new bucket seat for his motorcycle
  2. A Nine inch Nails CD Set
  3. A Whisky of the month year membership
  4. A new leather bound journal to write down all his kinky fantasies and desires
  5. A unlimited amount of money to spend at the Spice Shack for some new slave gear
  6. Cookbooks from around the world
  7. A pair of snowshoes
  8. A new leash—for the Doxie and Jill

If you could have anything in the world For Christmas what would it be? Mine would be an unlimited yearly pass to Disney World with a private jet to get there whenever I wanted. Comment to enter to win an All Romance Ebooks gift card at the end of the Blog Hop!

One small, sand filled timer flipped Jasper and Jill’s world.
Boring, board game date nights evolved into twenty questions or a spanking. From stimulating conversations—to ripped panties as a makeshift gag. And Jasper’s new fascination with anything leather pulling Jill further down onto her knees.
The Rules of the Game:
Jill draws on paper what she wants from her husband’s lips, tongue, teeth, and fingers
No stick figures
If Jasper can’t guess her needs, he takes over any way he sees fit
Only a minute to shift their roles—but there’s always time for the darkest pleasure—and a line they never thought they would cross.

Thanks, Elise! Now go forth and get spanked…. on Amazon, Nook, or ARe.