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Forbidden fruit never tasted so sweet…

“Swoon-worthy, forbidden, and sexy, Liam North is my new obsession.” – New York Times bestselling author Claire Contreras

“Overture is a beautiful composition of forbidden love and undeniable desire. Skye has crafted a gripping, sensual, and intense story that left me breathless. Get ready to be hooked!” – USA Today bestselling author Nikki Sloane

“Heartbreaking and intimate… Skye Warren delivers a masterful and poetic portrayal of forbidden love and impossible choices.” – Jewel E. Ann, author of WHEN LIFE HAPPENED

“Intriguing, dark and flirting with taboo, this sexy read left me wanting more!” – USA Today bestselling author Lynda Aicher

“Hauntingly beautiful with intense characters and incredible writing, Overture had me gripped from the very first page leaving me desperate for more by the end.” – Stacey Lynn, author of HIS TO PROTECT

“Forbidden, hot, sexy, smart. I have never met a Skye Warren book I didn’t like and Overture is no different! READ IT!” – USA Today Bestselling author M. Never

“A seductive and utterly addicting story of temptation and forbidden desire. This is Skye Warren at her best!” – New York Times bestselling author Sarah Castille

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