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Welcome to Storytime with Skye, the superfun podcast with original stories told around the virtual campfire by your favorite authors.

I’m Skye Warren, the New York Times bestselling author of dangerous romance. I love telling stories, and what better way to enjoy our time together than let you decide how they start?

Think of it like a Choose Your Own Adventure novel built on the fly by some of your favorite authors, because they’re going to be my guests!  And in doing so, we’re going to explore the importance of story, the essence of love, and the creative mechanism that is sex. 

This is going to be a moment, each week, where you can experience the beautiful romance community. It’s an invitation, really. It’s an invitation for you to be part of the story.

So pour a glass of something bubbly or something fun. And join us each week as we have Storytime with Skye. Hit subscribe so you don’t miss an episode when they drop. I look forward to telling stories with you soon.

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